At GBM Solution, we offer to do your specifications for you.

We know that doing specifications today can be very time consuming and resource-intensive - and as the complexity of legislation, local laws and demands and the tremendous selections of products are intensified - it does not seem to lessen in the future.


Expert, impartial advice is the cornerstone in our specification service.

At GBM, we have the ability, the expertise and the necessary resources to handle any specification you may have. We will provide a full service specification, where we specify all of your products according to architect plot work, chart book and site inspection. We make our specifications according to local requirements and each specification contains the following information:


- Complete specification text according to EU or ANSI standard

- Hardware specification sum up

- Door chart for each door type (installation spec.)

- Product fact sheets for each product

- Quote including price per door set and expected delivery time

- Certificates and standards


This means you will get the information you require quickly and clearly. Moreover, with our proud reputation for knowledgeable and unbiased service, you will get exactly the right products for you and your project.