BS Rollen

It’s the business of BS Rollen to make things move. Everything capable of being moved on rollers and castors. This objective has continued to shape the image of the Remscheid enterprise ever since it was founded back in 1991.


Today, BS Rollen supply over 12,000 products – high-grade castors and complete transport systems – to retailers spread all across the world. BS accord top priority to customers’ specific requirements, allowing masterpieces of engineering to take shape.

These range from filigree designer castors through to heavy-duty castors built with a load-bearing capacity of up to 11 tons. All geared to consistent quality standards. Presented in shop display systems designed to promote sale. A genuine eye-catcher for all customers, no matter whether regular or potential buyers.

Build in 2009, the company headquarters in Remscheid boasts a logistics center extending to more than 3,000 square meters plus 600 square meters of office space. All standard commercial castor and wheel designs can be dispatched from this point within 24 hours.


For additional information on different wheels and castors please visit our BS ROLLEN PRODUCT PAGES or visit the BS ROLLEN WEBSITE


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