Tiger is a family business and was founded 1915 in Bremen, Germany and has been working in the sliding hardware business ever since - enough time to acquire a wealth of experience.

However, experience is not everything. The creative engineering and abundance of functional ideas has made TIGER renowned worldwide. The large assortment ranges from sliding door gears and sliding gate gears to complete transport systems. The sliding systems are suited for a carrying capacity up to a 1000 kg.

Quality is synonymous with Tiger sliding door hardware and the company is ISO 9001 certified to ensure a coherent quality in development, production, distribution and service.

Precision ball bearings, specially developed high performance nylon and sloped running surfaces are the mark of TIGER hardware, as is the ultra-smooth and silent effortless gliding.

TIGER is synonymous with highest product quality and all products are certified and meet the highest standards. With the vast range of solutions, TIGER can cater for all requirements, as a sliding door is more than just a door – it is a work of art - be it modern or classic.

Tiger also delivers hardware for automatic sliding doors.
The drive for an elegant entry can take many forms. For Tiger, it is an electronic servo motor that can be combined with almost any of their sliding doors which means that both wood and glass doors can work extraordinarily discreet and quiet.

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