For 69 years, the Planet drop-down seals has ensured that nothing can pass under the door.


Planet was founded - and the first drop down seal made – in the small carpenter workshop of Jaggi & Söhne in Zurich, Schwizerland. The first Planet drop-down seal for doors was designed with punctiliousness and from then on, it has been continuously developed and improved. In fact, the carpenter hit a niche in the market with the Planet drop down seal and the success was almost immediate.


A Planet drop-down seal is in fact an automatic sealing system.


This system is grooved in the door from the bottom or assembled laterally, namely in one- and double wing/folding doors without doorstep. The doors can be made out of wood, metal or glass and includes industrial doors and sliding doors as well. The planet drop down seal is tight against draft, noise, action of light, cold, heat, smoke and fire.


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