In JuNie you have found the specialist for the most multifaceted furniture locks and fittings. Ever since the company was founded in the year 1874, they have been producing locks and accessories of the highest quality. The products based on a modular system as well as the large extend of in-house production, make JuNie the ideal full-range supplier for every business partner.


The construction design department develops new locks and locking systems with the aid of modern CAD technology. Established products are continuously enhanced. Functional inspections and long-term testing ensure that the products fulfil the respective requirements.

The demand for high-quality locks requires particularly reliable assembly. Depending on the technical and economic demand, JuNies product assembly is manual or fully automated. Regular quality checks ensure the operability of the final products. Thanks to our extensive semi-finished and finished parts warehouse JuNie are able to supply its customers with the products of their choice in an extremely short time. Archiving critical data ensures that masterkey systems can still be reordered or extended decades later.

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