Since its foundation in 1919 EVVA has always been a family business. With the introduction of the new corporate strategy slogan "access to security" in 2004, it has been inseparably linked with the EVVA brand name ever since. With it, EVVA seeks to emphasize the core message of its corporate vision: "We hold the key to all security questions."


Today, EVVA no longer presents itself as merely a producer of mechanical and electronic locking systems, but also as a consultant and planner regarding all matters related to security technology.



It is essential for EVVA to develop state-of-the art technologies and provide an immediate response to new requirements to ensure it maintains its enormous capacity for innovation. Numerous awards bear witness to such creativity, as does a steady flow of new international patents. EN 1303 and VdS certifications show that compliance with all technical standards is also a fundamental characteristic in EVVA products.


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