d line

d line is a global supplier of interior concepts with a product portfolio comprising door levers, locks, sanitary hardware, handrail, signs & access control equipment. The d line series are all designed by the Danish designer and Professor Knud Holscher.


In 1971, d line‘s first lever, the U-shape, Ø14 mm, was manufactured. It was soon followed by the L-shape, which firmly established the d line ethos of stalwart, minimalist design. The overriding characteristic of these first two levers has been maintained in d line products ever since: the bent sections on all metal tubes maintain the radius of the even sections. This ensures a well-balanced visual impression.

Over the years more designs emerged from the hands of Knud Holscher and slowly, but consistently the product range formed a complete scheme of stainless steel designs.


Today d line continues to expand its business with focus on emerging customer needs, innovation and design. From the headquarters in Denmark they employ approximately 60 people in 7 countries and market their products in over 40 countries.


For more information about d line please visit the d line website or download the d line catalogue here

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