With headquarters in the heart of Germany, ZOBEL develops, produces and sells premium coatings and glazes for substrates such as wood, PVC, fiberglass and aluminum. The four target groups range from the classical window and door MANUFACTURER to the industrial contract painter and substrate producer. Both international and national distributors and processors trust in ZOBEL in more than 50 countries across the globe.


A company that wishes to develop dynamically and constantly improve its competitive position must avoid the beaten path. It must take on the challenges of the market, attune itself to them and discover trends before others do.


In this sense, Zobel Chemie has always been one of the pioneers in the market of water-soluble coating systems.


When it comes to the evaluation of paints and glazes, the first impression is crucial, because the quality of the surface of building components is the calling card of any innovative coating system. In addition to these demands on the products, Zobel formulates a broader spectrum in addition to the many technical requirements.


For more information on the products from Zobel, please call your local GBM SOLUTIONS OFFICE or visit the ZOBEL WEBSITE

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